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Let it Snow Let it Snow *part 2*

Six weeks ago, we couldn’t wait for the flakes to fly, and now it’s a winter wonderland here with a huge amount of snow dropping in the last few days! It hasn’t slowed us down in the shop though. We are turning up the heat and cranking out the coolest custom golf carts ever!

This cart is all finished now and it turned out super clean and super classy!


With all the details complete on this cart it was time to give it, it’s first breath of fresh air!


Our customer wanted a removable floor mat that could be removed for easy cleaning.


Take a closer look and you can see all the custom stitching. Of course can’t just leave it alone! This all weather marine mat will not only serve a purpose but will look great doing it!


A nice low shot of just how cool this cart looks!


With our test battery pack installed we are able to check all the final details with the cart, our NXT headlights give our carts a very custom look!


Since this cart is going to be used at Predator Ridge resort it needs to be able to haul golf clubs! Check out our removable bag holder and lower scuff plates!

This NXT-R4 turned out great and now it gets to be parked among the rest of it’s fellow NXT’s before it heads out to Predator Ridge Resort in the spring!


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