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Champagne in the Night

We are pretty excited about this next build, it’s another sweet NXT rolling out of the SC Carts HQ and we can tell you it has a mix of class with a bit of a mean streak! Check it out for yourself so you see what we mean!


Starting with our NXT rolling chassis, all assembled and ready for the body, also keep an eye on the rims!


In the booth laying down one of the nicest blacks available!


We blacked everything out including the grill!


Body assembled and on the cart


Checkout these sweet 14″ wheels with champange highlights


Roof uprights, roof and windshield were installed next


The rear seat kit coming together


Our custom has a tight squeeze in his garage, so we modified the rear grab bar to be fully adjustable or removable!


A sneak peak of what we have in store for these custom seats!

This cart is going to be over the top, and it’s going to be completed in the next couple of days so it can head to it’s new home at Predator Ridge Resort!

Can’t wait until next week to see it? Check out our Facebook page to get a sneak peek of it being delivered!


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